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Comfort Me // Seblaine

Blaine wiped the stray tears off his face. It felt as if he hadn’t stopped crying since coming back from Yale and it was tearing him apart. He was glad that Sebastian had a least agreed to see him. If he had completely ignored, Blaine would have been crushed, though he would understand.

Blaine was shacking and got up to grab his sweater, glancing a look in the mirror. his face was red, puffy, and tear streaked, his hair a mess of curls, and his complexion was pale and mealy.

Shrugging it off, Blane wrapped a blanket around himself and made his way out the door. He walked down the stairs and down the hall until he reached Sebastian’s apartment. He lightly knocked the door, not able to muster up much energy, and stood there. Blaine was trembling slightly, still shooken in fear until the door opened and he was a little more relieved.

#comfort me
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    Sebastian gladly accepted his goodnight kiss and smiled back at Blaine. “Good night, Blaine,” Sebastian smiled as he...
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    Blaine hummed in contentment and pressed a slow kiss to Sebastian’s lips. “That’s your good night kiss.” Blaine smiled...